Let’s Study Together With Daniel’s 70 Weeks

Daniel's 70 Weeks

Daniel’s 70 Weeks

Let’s Study Together. I have decided I need to try and settle the issue of Daniel’s 70-Weeks. I have done most of the calculations over the last few decades. Tonight I just finished those calculations again, with a few more additions. That’s the two images. I placed them in this post, hoping there is at least ONE person that gets it. I don’t have to worry about someone stealing my work this time.

I’m in a place that this is all I can come up with, thanks to a Fake Common Cold Pandemic. i am looking for the RIGHT Company to work for, and all the trucking jobs have that tell-tale sign of we are Crony Capitalists!
Seriously, anyone who has done the Math for this topic will immediately see what I am talking about.
The 364-day base year Moses gave the Hebrews, well, I have that calendar figured out. I need to update it to today.
Now I am starting to figure out the Babylonian 360-day base year. That means I am going to make it comply with the Solar Year and adjust it to our Gregorian Calendar.
Daniel’s 70-Weeks are a vital key to Bible Prophecy!!!

This post separates the men from the mice!

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Daniel's Week 69 messiah Cut Off

Daniel’s Week 69 messiah Cut Off

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