666 444 222 And English Words

666 444 222 And English Words

666 444 222 And English Words

666 and the numerical link to certain English Words is odd. I have given 25,000 to 30,000 words and phrases Numeric Values.

They are based on A = 6, B = 12, C = 18 through to Z = 156.
We are all connected by MATH. When I say ALL, I Mean all Humanity being ONE Race! We have been manipulated since 4,052 BC!
I gave you some of 444, 666 and two of 222.
Seriously, people, I have been searching for people that get it.
I need help to close the gap with the Languages.
Study the Image. From what I can tell, four hundred and forty-four means pick a Side: Jesus or Satan.
Six Hundred and Sixty Six is Satan.
Right there at the beginning we have Two Hundred and Twenty Two equaling RFID and ‘A Chip’.

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What I did was to take the main numbers and categorize words into groups. It’s like the words for 666 can be grouped into topics. When I said Main Topics I mean words that equal 216, 222, 228, 438, 444, 450, 660, 666, 672, 882, 888, 894, 1104, 1110, 1116, 1326, 1332 and 1338. There are other main numbers like 750 and 1776.

222, And 444, And 666 Demands We Take Prophecy Serious.

When you consider ‘RFID’ (222) and ‘A Chip’ (222) equaling 444 I think you should start wondering why English does this. Please refer to the image. The words equaling 444 seem to indicate a Choice for us. Will we choose Lucifer ((444 (Satan)) and his ‘A RFID Chip’ (444) or ‘Jesus (Yehoshua: 444) and His ‘Cross’ (444) and ‘Gospel’ (444)?

222 leads us to 444. 444 leads us to 666. The Prophecy connection is, in my opinion, too focused to be random, or by chance.

A Man of Sin, Witchcraft, Small Voice and Utter A Lie, Mark of Beast, Computer, World Health, and Vaccinations, Exchange Rate, Slaughter, and Iconoclast all scream out Revelation 13.

I’ve been watching a Messianic Ministry on YouTube. Their name is ‘Assembly Of Called-Out Believers. From what I can tell, they don’t believe the Gospel Message is for the Gentiles? They teach that the Gospel Message went to the Lost Tribes of Israel. I don’t agree with that position. But, with that said, this guy has some fantastic teachings.

In one of the videos, he explained an aspect of Gematria. Basically, he converts words to Hebrew or uses Hebrew words and gives them a Numeric Value based on the Hebrew Alef-bet (Alphabet). Each letter of the Hebrew Alphabet has a Numeric Value. So, they give words numeric values the same way I do, except I’m doing this with the American English Alphabet.

All Languages May Be Connected Through Simple Math?

I have a theory that all languages are connected through simple Math. Go back to the image and look at the square box with ‘HEXIRIA’ highlighted. Hexiria (444) is German for Witchcraft (666). Every word that every race speaks (all languages) may contain Prophecy and be connected to each other’s language. Currently, Computer Technology (Technologic: 666) gives us the ability to cross-reference each language with each other, demonstrating all our languages came from One Source. Or the Computer can prove they didn’t come from one source. Now that’s a project.
I think we call this ‘The Tower Of Babel’? That’s when HaShem (The LORD God) stopped humanity from accomplishing everything he sets his mind to by dividing us by changing our language.

Well, it’s just a thought.

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