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Prophecy, America and End Times

Prophecy, America and End Times

End Times Prophecy hasn’t changed, for the most part, in 50-years. From what I can tell, Baptists and Pentecostals base their Prophecy Teachings on the Scofield Bible. I Love the Scofield Bible!

There seems to be another problem with Prophecy Teachers? It looks to me like many are cramming all the Prophecies they think haven’t been fulfilled into a 7-year period. They are asking themselves if this event was already fulfilled. My position is there are a few things that have been fulfilled. Perry Stone is the only Preacher that I know of that declares the European Union can’t be the7th, or 8th Beast System (Revelation 17) because they were never 10 nations (Revelation 13), and he is correct.

Another issue that I think we need to ponder when it comes to End Times Prophecy is Bible Teachers seem to have their minds made up. I say Protestant Christianity is looking for Prophecy Fulfillment for events that have already happened. We have to learn how to listen to others, so we can understand their position properly. Then we can analyze their position and ours against the Bible.

I can thoroughly present the Pre-Trib and Post-Trib positions when it comes to the Rapture. The Mid-Trib position has always been something I haven’t seen in the Bible, even though I understand what they are saying. There is another position that needs to be a part of any Biblical Prophecy Study. Amillennialists have valid points. We have to figure out a way to present each position in a way that settles the issue, and it can’t be done unless we study together.

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End Times Prophecy, are we about to find out if it’s here?

Then there is the problem of trying to determine if a portion of Daniel or Revelation is Literal or Symbolic.

The Law of First Mention is vital to any Biblical Study! The foundation for any Christian Doctrine or Theology, including End Time Prophecy is found in the Torah. Believe it or not, the foundation for the 8 Beast Systems of Revelation 13 and 17 can be found in the Book of Genesis.