Contact Friends Of Faith With Any Question

Contact Friends Of Faith

Please Contact Friends Of Faith with any question.

Contact Friends Of Faith with any question, comment, suggestion and even properly presented constructive criticism. I’m Stanley Bloomfield, and I need volunteers and partners to help in any aspect they are skilled in. Therefore, if you would like to find out more please Contact Friends Of Faith. Hence, the main goal is to insure spiritual leaders from other faith are not ambushed by the congregation members of other Faiths.

Please check out Our Groups and Forum.

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This is my Facebook Group for Friends Of Faith. Please join if you agree with this website’s concepts.

This is The YouTube Channel that Live Streams will take place on. Please Like all videos and Subscribe.

How can you help? I also need help in finalizing the look of the Friends Of Faith social network.

I need help maintaining the website, Facebook Page and Group.

Help is needed to maintain the Network’s YouTube page during Live Streams.

I need help monitoring the questions the Webinar’s Spiritual Leaders will be taking. Unfortunately this will require people reading all the comments looking for appropriate questions.

An essential aspect of this project is keeping this Social Network Family Friendly. Consequently, I really need your help to accomplish this. If people are acting like they do on Facebook we don’t need them. I have installed a bunch of cuss words on the website. Inappropriate comments are unacceptable. If members are seeing individuals communicating material children shouldn’t see, please contact me.

Contact Friends Of Faith, The Virus Has Us Sitting Around.

While I believe I have taken this vision to pretty good heights I also need help from those that are awesome with a GoDaddy Hosting Account. Additionally, the cPanel, access to the PHP section and MySQL Databases are a little above my pay grade. LOL So far I have managed to squeak my way through these Technical Areas.

Stanley Bloomfield

P O Box 70085

Lansing Michigan 48908-7085

In Conclusion, 300 words are required to ensure the Search Engine Optimization is perfect. LOL Sorry for all the dribble. LOL