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Friends Of Faith: Jews, Christians And Muslims In True Debate! They All Can’t Be Right!

Friends Of Faith (FOF) Home is an online home for Spiritual Leaders to connect with their, and other congregations. FOF is much more. We are here to connect as many as ten spiritual leaders and their congregations with a unique experience. Our main goal is to host ten spiritual leaders at a time. We want a Catholic Priest, Baptist Pastor, Amish Minister, Rabbi, Messianic Rabbi, Imam and so on to take part in Live Streams. Each Leader takes a question. After they answer the question the spiritual leaders can give their answers and debate each other.
Obviously, we all want the TRUTH. Thus, as Friends Of Faith we should be able to work together in an attempt to find that TRUTH.

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I have included spots for Agnostics and Atheists in this social network. That doesn’t mean we will have an atheist and agnostic on during Live Broadcasts, but who knows?

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Friends Of Faith recognizes Judaism, Catholicism, Islam and Protestantism has a focal point. That is Abram. The most common title is Abraham. Abraham had two sons. Isaac and Ishmael.
Issac had two sons, Jacob and Esau. Jacob was named Israel by the LORD God (Hashem) years later.  

Ishmael had Twelve Sons. 

Friends Of Faith Are Those Demanding The Creators Salvation.

Therefore, I believe this is a solid foundation to start communication as to which son is the son of Promise. I may be wrong.
All Members must join the Friends Of Faith Group Standards. This is our attempt at maintaining civility.

This Social Network will never ambush or allow the ambush of a spiritual leader from another congregation’s group. We will block comments and questions on our YouTube page insuring we can control the questions on our Friends Of Faith website Webinar Live Broadcasts.

I King 18:24 And call ye on the name of your gods, and I will call on the name of the Lord: and the God that answers by fire, let him be God. And all the people answered and said, It is well-spoken.

Obviously this challenge considers FIRE to be symbolic of those that can prove, through debate their Religious Texts are the True Word Of God.

Obviously, Agnostics and Atheists must have a seat at the table based on their denial of a Creator’s existence or humanity’s lack of knowing a Creator exists!

In conclusion, Our position is the Bible is the most scientific religious text ever written. You can review my self-published book at My Barnes And Noble Link.